Mentoring Milestone 3: Grow Together

Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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To recap, Mentoring Milestones are a set of Loop-based benchmarks that help guide your participants on their journey, making it easy for them to track their progress and provide structure to their experience.

Once a Loop has completed the First Meeting milestone, participants will typically stay within the Grow Together Milestone for the bulk of the mentoring relationship, until their loops are closed.

Support your participants in their matches by sharing useful reminders or resources to those within the Grow Together Milestones. Regular communication can assist in maintaining momentum within their mentoring relationships as mentoring is kept front of mind. Read more on How To Maintain Momentum in your Mentoring Program.

Identify participants in the Grow Together Milestone 

  1. Navigate to the Participants page
  2. Filter for ‘Mentoring milestone: Grow together'

Sample Comms 

Encourage ongoing mentoring sessions 

  • Hi {firstName},

    I hope you both you and your mentoring match are having a great journey so far. How's everything going?

    Just a reminder to continue documenting your mentoring experience. Your records not only benefit you but also play a crucial role in the success of your overall experience in the program.

    Book your recurring meeting via your 1:1 Loop and share your valuable feedback by responding to MQS surveys that Mentorloop will occasionally send through. Your input is valuable to us, and it helps to see where we can provide additional assistance!

    If you're in need of inspiration, the Mentorloop Help Hub or Blog is there for you at any point in time. 

Resources to share

Encouraging ongoing mentoring sessions is one thing, but ensuring that the discussions are meaningful, these resources and blog posts from Mentorloop can help inspire participants. 

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