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📝 Keep track of your progress

A commonly overlooked yet powerful tool is note-taking, which holds significant value in fostering mentorship connections by capturing key lessons and observations.

First Meeting Agenda Template

📅 Integrate note-taking into your mentoring sessions

Linking your notes to mentoring meetings can improve the quality of your sessions and ensure they are productive and intentional. 

Goal Setting template attached to a meeting

Try our Mentorloop templates to help streamline your mentoring sessions, including templates for first meetings, goal-setting sessions, and regular check-ins. These templates can help you make the most out of your mentoring sessions and achieve your mentoring goals:

  • First meeting agenda
  • Goal Setting prep
  • General meeting agenda
  • Mentoring reflection

👥 Shared & Private Notes

The notes function allows you to share personal reflections and action items with your mentor, and easily update and highlight them for feedback. By default, your note is set to share with your mentoring match. However, you can create a Private note. 

With this feature, you can jot down some quick notes during a meeting, refine them later, and even add your insights. Once you're satisfied with your notes, you can easily share them with your mentor. Additionally, you can link your notes to any past or future meetings for easy reference.

Share your notes with your mentoring match!

For more information, on how to get started with Notes, log into your Mentorloop account and test it out! 

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