IML ANZ streamlines mentoring for an association with over 11,000+ members

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The Institute of Managers and Leaders understands the importance of having access to proper networks in order to open new leadership opportunities and broaden career horizons. The goal of the IML ANZ Mentoring program is to support their people in their management skills but to also provide them with a professional community.

Life before Mentorloop

From creating surveys for their application forms and exporting those forms in order to print, to then give to an administrator for review and match those applicants - there was minimal time to focus on what the Institute of Managers and Leaders Program truly needed to - their people. 

Let's take a look at how Mentorloop has assisted Shivani Tholasi, Program Coordinator of the IML ANZ Mentoring Program, to run the program with ease. 

Life after Mentorloop

Although a manual process might be a good start for a small new industry body, the IML had about 11,000 members, which would prove to be more costly and inefficient. They wanted to streamline the process of facilitating the program and tracking applications that came through.

Enter Mentorloop. IML ANZ has partnered with Mentorloop since August 2021 to offer its members a revamped mentoring experience by providing a cutting-edge digital mentoring platform. The technology has enabled the Program Coordinators of the IML ANZ Mentoring Program to facilitate stronger matching, deliver ongoing resources and offer support services. Most importantly, the program access is open and available for members all year round.

Although the initial drive to join back in 2021 was to reduce the admin burden, they have found even better reasons to stay! 

Don't settle for one style of matching, have access to all! 

Shivani's ideal way of running a mentoring program is to simply have everything in one place, from managing and communicating to matching participants! Utilising Mentorloop's Smart Matching Algorithm, she is given a list of potential mentoring matches for the entire program, which is ready for her approval based on her chosen criteria. 

Although the preferred matching style for the program is the Smart Matching Algorithm, that didn't stop Shivani from experiencing the process for herself by taking control, using her knowledge of the participants and creating Manual Matches. 

"The ability to manually match participants with ease whenever I need to is an added benefit!"

- Shivani, Membership and High Education Coordinator

Data at your fingertips

The IML ANZ was all about enhancing the mentoring experience for their members and understanding the quality and quality of mentoring that is happening within the program. Before launching, IML identified success metrics for the program:

  • Participant satisfaction
  • Feedback on the length or quality of mentoring connection
  • Setting and achieving goals

Sentiment Page

Mentorloop provides Program Coordinators with real-time feedback from mentors and mentees, regarding the quality of their mentoring relationship. The Sentiment page aims to reinforce the success of the program through the participants, without the need to create external feedback surveys. Mentorloop automates this functionality so that Program Coordinators can focus their attention on assisting their participants.


Shivani can identify her IML Mentoring Program Champions within the Sentiments page, as she can filter for participants that have engaged with the platform by providing insightful feedback. From there, she can utilise the Mentoring Champions for success stories to encourage other potential leaders to join the program. 

PC Dashboard

The beauty of Mentorloop's Program Coordinator Dashboard is that it provides an overview of how the program is tracking along based on 5 key indicators of a successful program - Participants, Matching, Milestones, Sentiment and Highlights.

New or experienced Program Coordinators like Shivani, can keep track of their mentoring program and who they might need to check in with as the graphs provide small next steps to take to keep the momentum going. Whether it be to action any draft loops or a push to increase the participant count to reach your participant goals! 

"The impact of our program is backed by all the positive feedback provided by the program participants throughout the program tenure. Not only has our program's Mentoring Quality Score (MQS) increased by 16% in the last few months, the feedback from participants positively reflects the value and benefits that members receive from the program"

- Shivani Tholasi, Membership and High Education Coordinator



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