Signups and Why People Aren't Appearing On The Participants Page

Kristin Nankervis
Kristin Nankervis
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Once people have begun signing up to your mentoring program by clicking on the Signup form link, they can be found in Mentorloop by navigating to the Signups page from the left hand sidebar on the Program Coordinator Dashboard. Once the form is complete and they've verified their email address, they will become Participants.

What's the difference between Signups and Participants?

Signups are anyone who has begun signing up but has not yet completed the registration process, which includes completion of the signup form and verification of their email address.

Participants on the other hand, are all those people who have completed the Signup form and verified their email address.

What does it mean if someone's Form progress is 100% complete but they are still stuck in Signups?

From the Signups page you can view how far along in the signup form they got until they dropped off or got stuck, so you can step in to support accordingly.

The filters at the top of the page will help you narrow down the list of people by Form progress, for example.

If someone has 100% Form progress and their Completion bar is fully green, this means that they've completed the Signup form but have not yet verified their email address, which is a required step in the registration process.

This article has instructions on how to verify your email address. Once this step is complete, those people will move over to Participants. Form progress in Signups

Bulk Invite and Invitations

If you've used Bulk invite to invite people to sign up, you can find these people in the Invitations tab of the Signups page. From this tab, you can invite people again, approve/declined suggestions and sort by invitee, status or date. Find out more about Invitations here.

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