Mentoring Milestone 2: First Meeting

Janina Mercado
Janina Mercado
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Continue building momentum and ensure your mentors and mentees have scheduled their first meeting with their respective matches or have introduced themselves via their 1:1 Loops. 

Identify participants in First Meeting Milestone 

    1. Navigate to the Participants page
    2. Filter for ‘Mentoring Milestone: First meeting'
    3. OPTIONAL: Filter for the specific 'Mentoring role', if you prefer one side to reach out.

If your program allows for a participant to be both mentor and mentee (Either), use the 'Active Loops as a mentor(or mentee)' and select 'Has loops' to identify the correct participants.

E.g. A participant who chooses to be both, but is currently only matched as a mentee. 

Sample Comms 

  • Hi {firstName},

    It has been over 21 days since you've been matched with your [mentor/mentee] and I can see that you have yet to schedule a meeting. Can I assist you somehow?
    To progress through your milestones, we recommend you schedule your first meeting or start off with introducing yourself via your 1:1 loop. If you've already done this and are yet to hear back, let me know and I can assist you. 


  • Hi {firstName},

    We’ve noticed you’re still on your first meeting milestone. Below I've provided some tips and articles to support you in reaching out to your mentoring match.

    Schedule your first meeting with your [Mentor/Mentee] via your 1:1 loop. If you are unsure what to discuss - there is a First Meeting agenda ready and waiting for you both! We can't wait to hear how your first catch-up goes - don't forget to provide feedback post meeting! 

    Tip: Start to think about the
    goals you want to achieve and how your match might be able to assist.

    Reach out if you need help.


Mentoring Milestone 3: Growing Together

Once mentors and mentees have been matched, have met and introduced themselves in their meetings - they can continue to grow and learn from one another. Find out what Program Coordinators can do to enhance the experience of the participants through encouraging ongoing mentoring sessions, partaking in Mentorloop Challenges and sharing relevant resources! 

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