Exporting Data: Use cases and Best Practice

Janina Mercado
Janina Mercado
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Exporting your data can be beneficial for a number of reasons, this article will cover the different use cases to export program data and its best practices. 

There are different types of data you can export

  • Sign up form 
  • Participants 
  • Loops
  • Self-match activity (if you have self-match enabled for your program) 
  • Sentiments 
  • Goals 

This article will cover reasons to export your data and its best practices to ensure that you can make the most out of your data.

Creating Case Studies

Sentiments are a great way to gauge the impact your program has on its participants, you can use comments and quotes to showcase your program's impact to stakeholders and for program recruitment. 

Relaunching your program

If you're considering on relaunching your program, the following reports will provide insight on the type of impact the mentoring program had for the term. 

Participants page

  • View the number of participants who have joined this round 
  • Understand which participants have been inactive throughout the program and potentially remove them. 
  • Filter and export different profile fields to get insight on segments that were most popular (location, goals, skills, DE&I related fields, etc.).

Loops page

  • Exporting loops shows all the participants who have and haven't been matched throughout your program. 
  • Loops also provides you visibility on the different interactions between the different mentoring relationships and how you may wish you improve it during your relaunch. 

Sentiments page 

  • Sentiments will allow you to view comments and feedback, you'll be able to find common trends in the feedback and reflect that for the relaunch. 

Sign up form (Enterprise only)

When relaunching, you can revisit your sign up form template and alter it based on any common issues and feedback you may have received during the previous round of mentoring. 


  • Inserting a question that addresses mentoring capacity of Mentors and understand how many Mentees they are able to take on
  • You may have a many more organisations or disciplines to add onto your form 

Bespoke sign up forms are only offered in Mentorloop Enterprise. For more information on Mentorloop Enterprise, reach out to a member of the Customer Success team or contact support@mentorloop.com

Reporting & Filtering

You want to report on how the program is affecting a certain participant group such as gender, ethnicity or seniority level. Filtering your data before exporting can provide an accurate record on how mentoring affects certain participants. 

Closing down your program

In preparation of closing down your program, exporting your data gives you a historic record of the impact that mentoring has had on your community or organisation. In this case, you'd want to export all the different pages of your program. 



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