Final Reminders Before You Launch

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So you’ve prepared, you’ve done your marketing, and you’re excited and ready to make a difference in your organisation through mentoring. We think that’s awesome! But just before you launch, we’ve got a few little reminders to make sure that your participants have a great experience as soon as they join and start getting stuck in. 

1. Make sure your platform looks just the way you want it to

Double-check your colour theme and make sure your logo looks good. The ideal size for logos is 600 x 200 px. Have a play around the platform and make sure you like how it looks. 

Learn more about program customisation.

2. Check your match request limit (for self match & blended matching)

This is something that can be easily overlooked. As a default, the number of match requests a participant can make is set to unlimited. However, if you anticipate certain participants getting overwhelmed with requests, it might be a good idea to limit this.

Learn more about match requests and match request limits.

3. Customise your sign-up form welcome message

This message that appears at the beginning of your sign-up form is the perfect place to let your participants know what’s important to include in their profile (it helps with matching)

Advice from our Customer Success team:

"Don't forget to include the reason for creating a mentoring program in the first place and why it can be beneficial for those looking to sign up. It also helps to provide next steps so that participants know the process after they have submitted their application!"

- Janina

4. Customise your Loop introduction

This is your first one-on-one interaction with your participants as their Program Coordinator. It’s important to leave them feeling excited to get started, confident that they can get the guidance they need, and comfortable reaching out when they need help. Keep the tone friendly and open. If appropriate, you can provide alternative methods of communicating with you - Slack, email, etc. This shows participants that you welcome feedback and are ready to help them through whichever communication medium they prefer.

Learn more about Loops and your 1:1 Loop introduction.

5. Review your Recommended Reading list

Mentorloop fills out this list by default for you, with the content always catered to a participant’s role. And while these resources are useful, it could help engagement if you have some resources specific to your cohort or organisation that your participants can get their hands on via the Recommended Reading list.

Advice from our Customer Success team:

"This list can be changed however many times you like. During the beginning of your launch, I would recommend linking material around getting started or anything that can assist them in understanding what to expect. Then as the program progresses, change it up to follow their journey!"

- Janina

Learn more about Recommended Reading.

6. Craft a friendly and welcoming dashboard introduction 

Share the excitement and buzz for the launch of your program! Your dashboard welcome message is the first thing your participants will see when they log in to Mentorloop. Craft a short message welcoming everyone to the program and suggest a task or two (pop in their LinkedIn profile if they haven’t yet, check their recommended reading list for a beginner’s guide or first meeting checklist, etc.). This just makes your participants feel a little more guided in their mentoring journey.

7. Check your sign-up form

Lastly, just check that your sign-up form is present and accurate on all your marketing and recruitment materials. It sounds obvious, but when preparing for projects like this, it can be easy to miss small things. A quick double-check takes just a few minutes and will ensure everyone knows where to go. 

Learn more about your sign-up form.

Advice from our Customer Success team:

"Have a colleague, friend or family test out the sign-up form and go through the process. Sometimes it's better to have a different set of eyes to get their perspective!"

- Janina

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