Introduction to the Program Coordinator Dashboard

Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Program Coordinator Dashboard! Your dashboard has been designed to help you focus on the five key indicators of successful mentoring programs:

  • Participants
  • Matching 
  • Milestones
  • Sentiment
  • Highlights

Understand the health of your mentoring program in real time, with actionable data charts and mentoring stories from real participants.


The participants chart shows the number of people - mentors, mentees and eithers (people who are open to both roles) - who have joined and are active in your program. With this information front and centre, you can monitor recruitment results, program growth over time and your mentor:mentee ratio. 


This chart shows the number of active program participants that have been matched with a mentoring partner in a 1:1 loop, or matched into a group loop (if applicable for your program). It is measured as a percentage, and includes only open loops, so be sure to monitor loop activity and close those loops that are no longer active to maintain a healthy match rate. We recommend aiming for a match rate of at least 70%, however this will depend on your program structure and objectives. Learn how to improve your program's match rate.


Milestones are a set of automated checkpoints that are achieved based on a participants' point in their mentoring relationships. They make it easy for participants to track their progress and allow them to enjoy a more structured mentoring experience. Progression through the milestones depends on the tasks and actions completed by participants. These are recommended to them to get the most out of their mentoring experience. As they work their way through them, their progress will be reflected in this chart.

Monitor where people are to identify quickly and easily who may be stuck and in need of support, as well as celebrate those who have made progress and encourage them to share their achievements on LinkedIn!


The sentiment chart includes presents you with your North Star metric - your Mentoring Quality Score. This measures overall match satisfaction, and therefore the impact your program is having. We recommend aiming for an MQS of at least 4/5.

This chart will also present data from post-meeting and close loop surveys. The results are determined by your participants feedback and ratings over time, and represent the overall quality and success of your program. Learn the what and when of Mentorloop's surveys here, or how to boost your MQS here.


View all your mentoring activity in one simple feed. This presents you with highlights of your mentoring program, from live data to participant activity. To access the full highlights page, simply go to the left sidebar and select Highlights. 

PDF Report

Throughout the course of your mentoring program, the Program Coordinator Dashboard enables you to create and export reports and insights that showcase the quality and impact your program has had on your participants at any point in time. This will save you time and effort when reporting on your program within your organization, and measuring success.

Downloadable Report

Monthly Digest Email

Once your program is live, at the start of each month Mentorloop will send you a Monthly Digest email that provides you with a summary of how your mentoring program is tracking along, so you can be sure that Mentorloop is providing you with the ability to understand where you can improve your program, and how you might be able to enhance the experience for your participants! 

Monthly Email Digest

Bitesize Training: PC Dashboard

In this Bitesize Training recording, you'll learn how to use your Program Coordinator Dashboard to:

  • Understand how and when to intervene, especially when addressing engagement issues
  • Mange your program using Filters and Bulk Messaging to maintain program momentum
  • Identify who may need support and help enhance their experience

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