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Kristin Nankervis
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Hello and welcome to Mentorloop Pro! We're thrilled to welcome you and to support your program to becoming the best it can be. 

To help you get clear on next steps and what to expect over the first few weeks of Mentorloop, we've put together this step-by-step guide on your onboarding process, including the different onboarding milestones you'll go through, a centralized list of key training resources and where to go for support. 

This article is relevant for Mentorloop Pro customers.

Onboarding milestones for Mentorloop Pro 

Over the next few weeks, you'll be guided by a series of emails through the key milestones for Program Coordinators to set up and launch your program towards success. These milestones are:

  • Program set-up: finalize the program builder and launch your program with confidence
  • Inviting participants: share your signup form and start recruiting participants
  • Monitor and manage signups: stay on top of and support new joiners
  • Matching: where the true mentoring magic happens! Help your participants find a match and get their mentoring journeys started

Program set-up-4 (1).jpg

Training resources 

As you move through the onboarding milestones, you'll be sent relevant training resources via emails like the one below to help you to move forward and get your program set up for success. 

Keen to get ahead on the training? Below are your training videos and some of the key articles that you'll be sent at the different milestones to help you during these early stages of running your program:

Program set-up:

Inviting Participants:

Monitor and manage signups:



Participant experience and training 

We're often asked what training participants receive when they sign up to Mentorloop. We get it - you want to ensure your people feel supported and confident using Mentorloop.

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Mentorloop sends your participants email "nudges" that guide them through their own set of Mentoring Milestones, as teach them how to use Mentorloop.

We also have a comprehensive Mentor and Mentee Training Course wish is designed to empower your people through every stage of their mentoring journeys. It includes modules such as "The mutual benefits of mentoring", "Barriers to great mentoring conversations (and how to overcome them)" and "Finding a match on Mentorloop". Consider adding this to your Recommended Reading or sending it to participants directly to complete when they join your program.

The Mentorloop Community

Being a valued customer of Mentorloop means more than running a mentoring program. It means being part of something bigger - a community of like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about people and personal development as each other!

That's why we've created our Mentorloop Community on LinkedIn, which brings together our Program Coordinators and provides a safe space for us to all connect, share knowledge and experiences, and access exclusive content, thought-provoking discussions, and insider tips. 

If you've not done so already, please request to join the group here. 

Ongoing Mentorloop Pro support 

No matter where you are in your program journey - whether you're completely new to Mentorloop, or are a longstanding Mentorloop Pro customer - we're committed to educating and supporting you and your program as best we can. That's why we're always adding to and improving our Help Hub and Academy, which are the homes to our support resources that guide you (and your participants) on how to use Mentorloop, overcome challenges and become the best program coordinator, mentor, or mentee you can be. 

If you can't find what you're looking for, or are in need of further help, please contact the Mentorloop team here: 

Bitesize Training webinars

Beyond always accessible support online, we run monthly "bitesize" training webinars for Program Coordinators to help you save time managing your program, up-skill as a Program Coordinator and support your participants better. Each training covers a different topic that is highly focussed.

You'll automatically be sent the monthly calendar invitations once you've completed your onboarding and your program us up and running, so you never miss a session. Join live, or watch recordings of past webinars on demand.

And to suggest topics or ask questions in advance, make sure you're part of our Mentorloop Community for Program Coordinators on LinkedIn.




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